Ticker Technologies Remains Operational During Major Power Outage

NEW YORK, August 20, 2003 - Ticker Technologies, Inc. (http://www.tickertech.com), a premier provider of applications for integrating market-related content into Internet, Intranet, and Extranet sites, is pleased to announce that all products and services were fully operational during the recent major power outage in the Northeastern United States on August 14-15, 2003.

TTI's server infrastructure is located at NTT/Verio (NYSE: NTT)'s Manhattan data center. Upon the loss of power in the New York City area at 4:11PM on August 14, the UPS and diesel generators at the facility took over, ensuring that TTI's clients were able to access the company's servers, and that no data was lost.

The amount of diesel fuel on-site would have enabled the generators to run for a period of two weeks if necessary. When power was restored to the city, the transition back to the power grid was smooth; surge suppressor systems prevented any surges of power that might have damaged equipment, and no downtime or problems were experienced.

"TTI is proud that all of our products and services remained fully operational during one of the largest blackouts in history," stated Chairman Gregory Leib, "This event was a real-life test of our infrastructure and redundancy systems, and we passed the test with flying colors."

Ticker Technologies' mission is to be the premier provider of Internet software applications that integrate market-related and other content into web and Intranet sites worldwide. The Company achieves its mission by delivering turn-key outsourcing solutions that filter aggregated information and present it in innovative ways.

CONTACT: Adam Menzel (COO), 516-759-9408 x20, or amenzel@tickertech.com

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