Ticker Technologies Releases Most Actives Snapshot Product

NEW YORK, June 16, 2003 - Ticker Technologies, Inc. (http://www.tickertech.com), a premier provider of applications for integrating market-related content into Internet, Intranet, and Extranet sites, announces the new release of its Most Actives Snapshot product.

The new Most Actives snapshot is designed to deliver quote data for most active stocks (highest volume, big gainers, and big losers), for the NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange, and American Stock Exchange, as well as most active stocks by industry group and most active ADRs by country.

Adam Menzel, the company's COO, stated, "We started out with just the exchanges and industry groups, and then one of our clients who specializes in ADRs asked if we could apply the software to most active ADRs by country. Now we offer that as well."

A powerful user interface allows the user to change the most actives shown without leaving or refreshing the page. Three tabs at the top of the snapshot, labeled "Most Actives", "Big Gainers", and "Big Losers" can be clicked to cycle between the three views. The user can also click buttons for most actives by exchange, industry, and ADRs by country. The stock information listed includes last trade, change, and percent change for the day. Users can click through on any stock listed to retrieve a detailed quote, delivered via private-labeled content pages that also seamlessly integrate into clients' sites.

Menzel added, "One of our clients is BankInvestor.com, a community site geared toward investors of bank stocks. They are using our Most Actives snapshot to display the most active banks on their home page. It is a great way to spark discussion among the members of the site; people will post messages like: 'Hey, did you see that GPT was down 5% today? Who is selling?'"

"We wanted the Most Actives snapshot to be eye-catching and interactive," stated Benjamin Nobel, the company's CTO. "The color scheme, fonts, and dimensions are all fully customizable, so that client can make the product blend in or stand out from the rest of the page. The end user interacts with the product to change the information shown, without refreshing or leaving the page, bringing a large amount of information into a very small amount of space."

Ticker Technologies Inc. powers its products with a fleet of Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) PowerEdge servers running the RedHat (NASDAQ: RHAT) Linux operating system. TTI's server infrastructure is located at NTT/Verio (NYSE: NTT)'s Manhattan data center.

About Ticker Technologies, Inc.

Ticker Technologies' mission is to be the premier provider of Internet software applications that integrate market-related and other content into web and Intranet sites worldwide. The Company achieves its mission by delivering turn-key outsourcing solutions that filter aggregated information and present it in innovative ways.

The most successful products launched by the company have been the Ticker product line, and customizable Stock Charts. These products, and the company's newest solutions provide value-added offerings for their clients.

CONTACT: Adam Menzel (COO), 516-759-9408 x20, or amenzel@tickertech.com

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