Completes Performance Upgrades

NEW YORK, March 11, 2004 - BNK Invest, Inc. (BNK), a premier provider of targeted online investment communities, has completed upgrades of server infrastructure and search engine capabilities powering the web site (

Members of the site can use the upgraded engine to search the discussion forum archive for posts with text matching an exact phrase or keyword (such as a stock symbol), as well as posts authored by specific users and posts made under specific topics. Over 14,000 posts have been made to the discussion forum since the site's launch in November, 2003.

Adam Menzel, the Company's COO stated, "ValueForum's new searching capabilities will give members value by providing the ability to research specific companies by reading the historical comments and analysis posted by site members. The technology behind this upgrade far surpasses the site's previous capabilities and helps our users to drill down to what they need through via faster searches."

The server infrastructure upgrade comprises several Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) PowerEdge servers, load balanced to provide redundancy and maximize speed. The Company's CTO, Benjamin Nobel, stated " is becoming one of the finest investment community destinations on the web for value investors. As the member base grows, we will continue to upgrade our server infrastructure to keep the site operating quickly and efficiently."'s Stock Ratings section continues to be a stand-out attraction, with over 330 different stocks now rated by site members. Members can rate stocks they follow on a "strong buy" to "strong sell" scale and provide justification and analysis of their rating - ratings are then subject to peer review and debate in the discussion forum.

Some examples of actively rated stocks include Friedman, Billings, Ramsey (NYSE: FBR) with 37 member ratings, Primewest Energy Trust (NYSE: PWI) with 11 member ratings, Knightsbridge Tankers Ltd (NASDAQ: VLCCF) and Wheaton River Minerals (AMEX: WHT) with 12 member ratings.

About BNK Invest, Inc.
BNK Invest, Inc. owns online properties that focus on serving specific communities of investors. The Company's newest site,, is the third online property to be launched by BNK, following in 1998 and in 2002. is a subscription-based site, with a 3-day trial Pass offered at $5, a 6-Month Pass at $60, and a full 12-Month Pass at $100.

CONTACT: Adam Menzel (COO), 516-759-9408 x20, or

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CONTACT: Adam Menzel (COO), 516-759-9408 x20, or

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