Ticker Technologies selects Cisco Products

NEW YORK, February 28, 2003 - Ticker Technologies, Inc. (http://www.tickertech.com), a premier provider of applications for integrating market-related content into Internet, Intranet, and Extranet sites, announces the selection of several Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) products and services to help power the company's network infrastructure.

Ticker Technologies Inc. (TTI) has selected Cisco's proprietary HSRP (Hot Standby Routing Protocol) for fault-tolerant IP routing. TTI's server infrastructure is connected to the internet via redundant hand-offs to redundant routers. Using HSRP, connectivity remains intact should one of the routers fail or require downtime for maintenance.

Adam Menzel, TTI's COO stated, "Fortune 500 companies depend on our services, and demand superior uptime. Cisco's HSRP product gives us a redundant solution for the connectivity of our systems, which keeps our systems up even if a router needs maintenance at 3AM."

TTI also relies on Cisco Systems for redundant switches and redundant load balancing devices. The LocalDirector series of load balancing devices is designed to provide round-the-clock reliability and optimal performance by intelligently balancing incoming traffic over a fleet of web servers. Much like the HSRP product, the LocalDirector series has the ability to set up a built-in failover to a hot standby device should the primary device fail.

"The huge capacity and built-in redundancies were key to our decision to use Cisco solutions," stated Benjamin Nobel, TTI's CTO, "We are also very happy with the robustness and flexibility of the load balancing algorithms. Traffic is spread smoothly over our servers, and we can easily bring any individual server in and out of service whenever we need to perform upgrades, without affecting uptime."

About Ticker Technologies, Inc.

Ticker Technologies' mission is to be the premier provider of Internet software applications that integrate market-related and other content into web and Intranet sites worldwide. The Company achieves its mission by delivering turn-key outsourcing solutions that filter aggregated information and present it in innovative ways. The most successful products launched by the company have been the Ticker product line, and customizable Stock Charts. These products, and the company's newest solutions provide value-added offerings for their clients.
CONTACT: Adam Menzel (COO), 516-759-9408 x20, or amenzel@tickertech.com

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