Ticker Technologies Releases New Sports Offerings

GLEN HEAD, NY--(INTERNET WIRE)--Dec 16, 2002 -- Ticker Technologies, Inc. (www.tickertech.com), a premier provider of applications for integrating market-related and sports content into web, Intranet and Extranet sites, announces the release of an updated Sports Ticker product, along with new Integrable Sports Content pages.

The Sports Ticker is designed to be seamlessly integrated into clients' corporate Intranet or public Internet sites, delivering sports scores and news to users in an eye-catching, visually pleasing, and efficient manner. Users can click through on the ticker to retrieve full sports stories, delivered via private-labeled content pages that also seamlessly integrate into clients' sites.

Programmed using Sun's Java technology, the Sports Ticker product utilizes Java Applets to continually update and display sports scores and news throughout the day.

Sports offerings include baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, and a wide variety of other categories. Customizable content "channels" within each sport include game scores, Las Vegas odds, and news stories.

In addition to scrolling headlines at a user-defined left-to-right or right-to-left motion, the sports ticker has the ability to vertically scroll entire news stories. A new optional graphical user interface comes complete with directional, pause, and speed control buttons.

Ticker Technologies Inc. (TTI) powers its Sports ticker product with a fleet of Dell PowerEdge servers running the RedHat Linux operating system. TTI's server infrastructure is located at NTT/Verio's Manhattan data center.

About Ticker Technologies, Inc.

Ticker Technologies' mission is to be the premier provider of Internet software applications that integrate market-related and other content into web and Intranet sites worldwide. The Company achieves its mission by delivering turn-key outsourcing solutions that filter aggregated information and present it in innovative ways.

The most successful products launched by the company have been the Ticker product line, and customizable Stock Charts. These products, and the company's newest solutions provide value-added offerings for their clients.

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