Ticker Technologies selects RedHat Linux 8.0

NEW YORK, November 1, 2002 - Ticker Technologies, Inc. (http://www.tickertech.com), a premier provider of applications for integrating market-related content into Internet, Intranet, and Extranet sites, announces the selection of the Red Hat Linux platform to power its web serving, data processing, and file serving systems. Ticker Technologies Inc. (TTI) has seen server infrastructure and bandwidth needs grow by over 100% in 2002, requiring the stability and security of Red Hat.

Benjamin Nobel, TTI's CTO stated, "We have utilized Red Hat Linux for many of our systems for years, and our dependence on Linux continues to grow. TTI purchases new servers with Red Hat preinstalled and continually upgrades as new versions of the Red Hat OS are released. Over 90% of our servers now run Red Hat Linux, and not one of those servers has ever crashed or been infected by a virus. With Windows-based viruses like Code Red running rampant, it is quite a secure feeling knowing we are running the latest version of Red Hat."

Red Hat does its part to keep customers up-to-date on all software upgrades and patches, through the Red Hat Network. TTI's system administrators have found that keeping the systems up-to-date is fast and efficient. Adam Menzel, the company's COO, stated, "Reliability of our systems is key, and Red Hat Linux has always made that possible. Red Hat has grown to be a name people know and trust. Whenever I tell a potential client that we depend heavily on Red Hat Linux, the reaction is always a positive one. One client even told me that they wouldn't have signed up with us if we had been running Windows."

About Ticker Technologies, Inc. Ticker Technologies' mission is to be the premier provider of Internet software applications that integrate market-related and other content into web and Intranet sites worldwide. The Company achieves its mission by delivering turn-key outsourcing solutions that filter aggregated information and present it in innovative ways. The most successful products launched by the company have been the Ticker product line, and customizable Stock Charts. These products, and the company's newest solutions provide value-added offerings for their clients. CONTACT: Adam Menzel (COO), 516-759-9408 x20, or amenzel@tickertech.com

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